Beep Beep! Oh Look! A text!

It’s been a year I updated my blog. Not because I was too busy, and it also doesn’t mean that I am too indolent to write a blog post, the only reason is that I actually couldn’t find anything interesting to write upon. After all, writing is about penning down your emotions (except for the fact that it can also get you higher grades in exams! :P)

So, as always, before you read any further, I am again disclaiming this post being connected to me or my life by any means. I write about anything and everything which I experience by seeing or hearing from others around me, particularly my friends.

We live in a country, where quite literally we have mobile phone subscribers, who doesn’t get more than one time meal per day. Mobile phone is no longer a luxurious commodity, thanks to the network operators for 1p/sec plans! Unlimited SMSs pack made it further more approachable.

So, who exactly, is able to finish out a 30,000 SMSs pack in a month? This makes around 6 texts/minute. Pardon me; if my calculations are wrong, I am weak in Mathematics! :P

The age-group of 15-19 years is the biggest user group of these SMS packs, and I know a bunch of those. Every single minute, sometimes every half minute their phone makes a whizzing sound, I know chatting soothes your mind more than anything in your teenage! But what makes chat messages quite mirthful is the way people actually text.

Few days back, I met one of my friends, it’s been ages I had seen him, and instead of saying a ‘hello’, he came to me typing a text on his phone, and made me see his conversation with a girl.

I was like, “c’mon dude! You are actually making me read your chat messages?”

He: “so what? Just check out what she said just now!”

The message read: “love you...for being a gr8 gud fren..! :)”

I: “Err...Okay. So?”

He: “Hey...she said ‘love you’. What else you expect a girl to say to you?”

I: “A**hole! Read further, she said, as a great good friend.”

He: “ha! I know you are feeling jealous! She said ‘love you’! Gosh! I made it finally!”

I: *stunned!* [Why on earth would I be jealous of him?]

Here comes the main point, GIRLS! We’ll fight for you, we’ll die for you, but before that, we would actually like to share a few TEXTS with you!

You know at what moment young ladies look the prettiest these days, the time their phone beeps! A glow on their face like a dream has come true, like they have been waiting for it for so many decades, like it is a return of their frog prince.

Boys are no exception! A grin on their face like they have actually conquered a territory, like extra chocolate sauce for their ice-cream for free, like finding their favorite boxers after so many months!

Honestly, what makes text messaging so interesting is the way you can actually hide your emotions behind the text. We read texts in a mood we are, and you can never be sure of, in what sense did the other fellow type that text. The only thing missing is the audibility. And people [especially girls] find it more easy and convenient to let their feelings known via texts. But believe me, letting someone know your emotions through a 1kb text is not a good idea at all. When someone talks to you, be it a personal interface or a phone call, that person is exclusively talking to you, but when you are sharing any texts, you never know how many others are doing it with same person by side.

What I find more surprising is that more than half of the love affairs I have come across, actually started on that sleek plastic/metal body instrument. People are actually falling in love through texts. For instance, a boy [one of my acquaintances] after thousands of messages being shared made a girl’s phone ping with a text saying “would you like to be my love? :)” just for the sake of that he was getting ‘bored’, and when she said him a ‘yes’, he is like, let’s give it a try. Is that all? I mean, falling in love has been made so much casual that, you actually get committed through text messages? As expected, they broke up in a month’s time.

The point I am concerned to is that, why girls tend to look for a man they think would consider her to be worthy of being by his side? I mean, come on, you girls are the most unique thing God could have created ever. You do everything possible to make a guy convince, or make excuses to hide any problems you face during your relationship with him. What for? Why don’t you accept the fact that it is our (men’s) duty to make you feel special every moment we are with you, regardless of how we behave otherwise. And of course, keep you out of any doubt regarding our loyalty towards you. And please for god sake, you need to understand that no one can ever figure out a person’s nature through texts. So next time, before you get into any relationship attributing to the texts ‘he’ sent to you, please make sure that he actually wants to be a part of ‘your’ life, not that he wants ‘you’ to be a part of his life, and would readily do things to get and keep you.

But, if any girl considers herself smart enough to move around with more than one guy at a time, trust me, for every single lady on this earth, there’s a man who can actually make him love truly, irrespective of her attitude towards the same. He would have the power to bring her to shambles by just not being with her, but he’ll never ever use it if he actually considers her the love of his life.

We guys are morons in this context, believe me, any girl can bring us to tears, any of the cute cuddle bugs out there. If we even think of getting into love, we would hardly be able to conceal our exhilaration, we become a mess. Hardly, any of the guys would agree to it, we are too stubborn to accept a fact that makes us look like a dupe.

And if you still have any doubts in your ‘heart’, not your mind, regarding him/her, think again, loving someone is not a game, flirting, dating and getting you to bed is.

My sincere apologies if I did sound rude or harsh, you can blame it on my casual approach towards writing. This post isn’t for any particular deb, it is for all the beautiful young ladies out there, who are single, committed, or in a complicated relationship. Because the world seems even brighter, when you carry a smile on your face.

And for the guys who found this post quite exposing, “maaf kar dena yaar!” :)